our story

Wind & Gull Design Co. was launched in 2016 as a handmade greeting card line originally named The Wind and the Gull. As a small branch of our media company, Dream of the Woods, the card line began with a simple goal of pushing ourselves to work on smaller, less time consuming projects. After eight successful months and the realization that people were actually purchasing and repurchasing our work, we decided to revamp the shop, give it a (much) better name, and expand our goals.

Without knowing much about the industry we set out to create a line of affordable, high-quality art that fit well in both minimalist and lovingly-cluttered homes, was share-worthy on social media, and inspired a sense of emotional fullness. Those have been some pretty unique requirements to fit into each piece, but it’s starting to catch on. We find that people will buy a piece for themselves and then continually repurchase the same item over and over to give as gifts – and that’s quite possibly one of the greatest compliments. Over the past year we’ve received letters, emails, and messages on social media from customers wanting to tell us how they’ve connected with our words and our work, we’ve had people read our prints as wedding speeches, and have even had a request for permission to include some art on a tattoo.

What we’ve learned from the whole experience is that, in contrast to popular opinion, people are in fact prone to kindness and love – and given the means to properly express it, they will. We feel so grateful that we get to be a part of that expression and look forward to all of the possibilities and expansion ahead. 

With love,
Michael and Larissa