So, here we go!

Now that the fall has officially settled here on Cape Cod, with gray skies and brisk winds, Michael and I have truly begun digging into the planning of our wedding. It’s still sort of silly to me, to talk about getting married, and to think about venues and meals and such, even though the idea of being married to Michael is probably the most natural thing in the world to me.

As a person that becomes overwhelmed by outside forces quite easily, I began looking at wedding planning strategically. I need to take my time. I need to give myself the space to make decisions about what Michael and I want for our wedding. He has been so gentle with and supportive of me in coming to terms with these things. So, now that we are actually breaking ground on this project, we’ve decided to document as much of it as we can.

Of course we decided that it would be fun and artistically fulfilling to blog about it. And here we are! We’ll do our best to check in over the course of our engagement to talk about finding our style and aesthetic, deciding on a venue, and designing our own stationery, among other things. Stay tuned!


PS. I have a feeling that hashtag will become a blog post of its own soon enough.

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