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Be the ocean. Be ever changing but always the same. Be simple and transparent with an entire world deep down inside full of odd and interesting creatures. Be calm, be still, but let yourself get wild and lost in a storm from time to time. Have many homes, on many shores, and be slightly different at every one. Let people in, let them feel free and surround them with every bit of your being – asking for nothing in return. Take in sharp rocks and all the broken glass and return them back as beautiful treasures. Be routine but never predictable, and be so loved that people spend their days sitting by your side. Be free and vast, and be deep and powerful, all the while being completely moved by something greater than yourself.”

Be The Ocean is a poem by shop co-owner Michael F. DuBois. The text has been screen printed onto hand-sewn 10oz canvas in an 8x10in form, and includes a wooden dowel and twine for hanging.

All online orders donate 6% of profits to mental health organizations in an effort to help build a more peaceful world.

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