A grief-stricken young man searches for the meaning of home
after his mother’s battle with cancer, which spanned the length of his life, comes to a close.

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Becoming Home (2015) is a full-length documentary about grief, love, and moving forward. After a fulfilling run of screenings, we are releasing the film online for free in hopes of spreading healing, understanding, and creativity. We encourage you to watch at home, together with friends, or to hold your own free public viewing.

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Synopsis – Becoming Home is one of many products of a young man’s close relationship with his mother. At the age of 22, Michael F. DuBois finished a documentary chronicling the first year after the death of his mother. He set out to discover why she had the astounding impact on others that she did – and how to live his life in her absence. Four years later, his life is finally settli



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