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At Dream Of The Woods we’re obsessed with adventures – stepping outside of everyday routines, exploring nature, and finding new places that feel like home. Nick Rossi of Adventūr Studios is a former classmate of Michael’s, but it wasn’t until recently that we stumbled across his gorgeous endeavor. Though, once we did it seemed to perfectly match the rhythm of our obsession. Initially started as simply a creative outlet, the studio has since been involved in full home renovations, additions, and interior designs, as well as furniture and fixtures to fill those spaces. We recently reached out to Nick and had the chance to chat about his work. Check out why he’s this week’s Friday Favorite!

Adventur Studios

You graduated with a degree in architecture, so an endeavor like Adventūr Studios didn’t pop up from nowhere – but when did the idea of self-employment start to seem like it could be your path?

After college, I started working for a small construction company framing houses from the ground up, and working on mostly residential projects. Being an integral part of a small business inspired me to want to start my own brand and create a unique path and vision for myself and my work.

Tell us how YOU see the company. What is it, and what does it represent?

Adventūr Studios is based upon a design mentality that an everyday object or space can be a vessel to transport you away from the normal and routine aspects of your day. Our motto, “escape the everyday,” reinforces the idea that our designs are each their own little “adventures” that can transport you away from the ordinary.


Your work is really gorgeous, but also super unique. What pushed you away from the conventional and toward your own style? Or, do you see Adventūr’s work as not too far from the everyday?

My style has evolved from the desire to take ordinary items we use in everyday life, and transform and make them unique. The products I design are not necessarily out of the ordinary, but rather focus on using forms and materials to accentuate the beauty of “everyday” objects.

Have you found a community of people that your work resonates with, or are your clients and customers all over the map?

We are in the midst of a generation of entrepreneurs and craftsmen, and there is a renewed appreciation for the time and effort it takes to design and fabricate products, one at a time. I think that more people are starting to appreciate something one of a kind versus something store bought.


Your branding is all so beautiful and seamless. What inspires that northern-exploration feel? Or, do you have another word that you use to describe it?

As the company began to evolve into what it is today, I realized that one of the most important influences for my design is nature. Observing growth patterns, examining natural materials and even just spending time outdoors has opened up so many opportunities. Mother Nature is, after all, the greatest designer.

If you had to pick a single product or service to spend all of your energy on for the next five years, what would it be?

I’d really enjoy putting more time and effort into building and designing furniture. Our “Cu3 Shelf” is one of the first finished furnishings that we offer, and there are so many opportunities for improvements on household items. There is something very human about furniture and the way we interact with it which has a certain elegance that deserves to be explored.


Your company has a unique spelling, with a unique letter. Tell us about that.

The spelling comes back to the idea of moving away from the ordinary. I took a word that embodied the general theme of the business, and gave it my own unique spin.

Finally, any favorite tunes that you listen to while working that keep you within the Adventūr Studios aesthetic? 

I usually have a pretty good rotation of ambient electronic music on the speakers while I’m working. Anything with a good beat and not a lot of lyrics helps me get into the zone.

Follow Adventūr Studios on Instagram and Facebook, or check out more work on their website and in their shop.

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