Dream of the Woods is a small, Cape Cod-based production house making film, audio, and print works in a tiny studio just down the street from the ocean.

Michael lives for art that connects people as human beings. He roams the shores of Cape Cod as a filmmaker and storyteller, and believes deeply in the power of salt water, late night walks, and hugs. He studied film at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and is interested in stories of peace, introspection, and personal growth.

You can find Michael on Instagram and Twitter @michaelfdubois

Larissa is a lifelong reader and student of literature. Slightly obsessed with words, she looks for stories in everything she encounters. She has earned degrees from Smith College and Drexel University. Larissa is inspired by work that illustrates the beautiful minutiae of everyday life.

You can find Larissa on Instagram and Twitter @larissafdubois

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